Terms and Conditions


• Article 1 - Definitions

• Article 2 - The Entrepreneur's identity

• Article 3 - Applicability

• Article 4 - The offer

• Article 5 - Prices and payments

• Article 6 - Delivery

• Article 7 - Returns

• Article 8 - Retention of title

• Article 9 - Intellectual and industrial property

• Article 10 - Complaints and liability

• Article 11 - Warranty

• Article 12 - Orders / communication

• Article 13 - Force Majeure

• Article 14 - Miscellaneous

• Article 15 - Applicable law and competent court



Article 1 - Definitions

In these conditions apply:

  1. Grace period: The period within which the consumer can exercise his right of withdrawal;
  2. Consumer: the natural person not acting in the exercise of profession or business and a distance contract with the entrepreneur;
  3. Day: calendar;
  4. Transaction Duration: a distance contract concerning a series of products and / or services, the supply and / or purchase is spread over time;
  5. Durable medium: any means that the consumer or business that enables information to him personally is directed to store in a way that future consultation and unaltered reproduction of the stored information.
  6. Right of withdrawal: the ability for consumers to see within the waiting period of the contract;
  7. Entrepreneur: the natural or legal products and / or services to consumers;
  8. Distance contract means an agreement in the context of a distance selling organized by the entrepreneur system of products and / or services until the conclusion of the agreement exclusive use of one or more means of distance communication;
  9. Technology for distance communication: means that can be used to conclude a contract, without the consumer and trader being in the same room.


Article 2 - The Entrepreneur's identity

Khawar Import & Export, Urbanmobile.nl, trade name of Khawar Import and Export

Office address: Innsbruckweg 64, 3047 AH, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Visiting address: Innsbruckweg 64, 3047 AH, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Phone: 00 31 (0) 10 4778302
Email: [email protected]

Commercial Register: 34118945
VAT number: NL819400117B01


Article 3 - Applicability

1.1 These terms and conditions apply to all offers, orders and agreements of Khawar Telecom, these general conditions apply.
Accepting an offer or placing an order means that you accept the applicability of these conditions.
The provisions can be waived only in writing in these conditions, in which case the remaining provisions shall remain in force.
All rights and claims, as in these conditions and any further agreements for Khawar Telecom are made, are also stipulated for by Khawar Telecom intermediaries and other third parties.


Article 4 - The offer / agreements

4.1 All offers are free and Khawar Khawar Telecom Telecom reserves the right to change prices, especially when necessary on the basis of (legal) regulations.
4.2 An agreement is only after acceptance of your order by KhawarTelecom. KhawarTelecom is entitled to refuse orders or attach certain conditions to the delivery, unless explicitly stated otherwise. If an order is not accepted, Khawar Telecom must inform thereof within five (5) days after receipt of the order.
4.3 If your order of over € 5000, - excl. VAT wish to cancel Khawar Telecom is entitled to the principal amount of 10% cancellation fee to charge.


Article 5 - Prices and payments

5.1 The mentioned prices for the products and services offered are in euros, excluding VAT, excluding Private Copying Levy, excluding handling and shipping costs and any applicable taxes or other charges unless otherwise stated or agreed in writing.
5.2 If the prices for the products and services increase in the period between the order and its execution, you are entitled to cancel the order or dissolve the agreement within five (5) days after notice of the increase by Khawar Telecom. Khawar Telecom will charge no penalty in this case.
5.3 Payment must be made without discount or compensation within eight (8) days after the invoice date, unless otherwise stated on your bill.
5.4 Payment can be made by invoice, payment or receipt (by cash). When paying by bank, the date of payment is the date of crediting the bank account of Khawar Telecom.
5.5 In the event of late payment you from the day that payment should have been in default and you are required to pay the statutory interest from the moment the invoice is overdue. Such interest will be calculated on the amount due until full payment of the invoice. If payment is made after a demand, Khawar Telecom is entitled to charge administration costs.
5.6 Khawar Telecom is obliged delinquencies on its credit insurance company Interpolis Credit Insurance, to report.
5.7 If you fail to pay Khawar Telecom will offer its claim for collection. You then owe statutory interest and collection costs, which at least fifteen percent (15%) of the outstanding amount, without prejudice to Khawar Telecom to also claim the extrajudicial costs.
5.8 If you default on any payment, Khawar Telecom is entitled to (implement) the agreement and related agreements to suspend or dissolve.

Article 6 - Delivery

6.1 The delivery times specified by Khawar Telecom are only indicative. Late delivery does not entitle you to compensation nor the right to cancel your order or to terminate the agreement, unless the delay in delivery is such that you can not reasonably expect you to maintain the agreement. You are then entitled to cancel the order or terminate the agreement if necessary. Khawar Telecom will charge no penalty in this case.
6.2 The delivery of the products will take place and when the products are ready for shipment to you.
6.3 Khawar Telecom is in its right to process orders per case. Orders under € 50, - + VAT may be refused without giving reasons.
6.4 Khawar Telecom strives to deliver orders within the Netherlands within 24 hours if your order arrives later than 16:00. Delivery abroad may take two (2) days or longer, depending on country. Khawar Telecom can not be held responsible for late deliveries.
6.5 No orders are prepared on weekends. If you place an order on Friday, it will be processed on Monday.
Some products can be supplied in connection with supply in limited quantities. Khawar Telecom is entitled to deliver in limited quantities of products to small customers or businesses.
6.6 If you in writing to Khawar Telecom of an address, Khawar Telecom entitled to that address to send all orders, unless you should be sent in writing to Khawar Telecom of another address to which your orders. The other address it should to be an address of the customer in question. Khawar Telecom does NOT dropshipping.

Article 7 - Returns

7.1 If an order by Khawar Telecom wrong (wrong product) is sent, the buyer must within three (3) days of receipt of goods in writing or electronically, to be published by Khawar Telecom. If a return is not properly received then Khawar Telecom will make this known to the purchaser *.
7.2 Returned products must sit when returning in the original (undamaged) packaging and unused. The buyer is responsible for the costs and the correct (undamaged product / packaging) returning the products to return Khawar Telecom. Returned products are shipped after receipt by the manufacturer / technical department for investigation. When the manufacturer will replace the defective products, they are sent back to the customer, if the products still under warranty. In return may be undertaken by Khawar Telecom the following actions (in all cases, it is necessary to take into account a time period of 4 weeks):

  • The product is under warranty and will be replaced
  • The product is under warranty but can not be replaced because of bevoorraading. In this case will be a credit note and the amount returned is deposited into the account of the customer.
  • The product is not covered by warranty and is returned to the customer.

7.3 If the customer has placed an order but the packet is not received on time, the client must within seven (7) business days to disclose to Khawar Telecom. If the fault lies with Khawar Telecom at a return, then it is also responsible for the cost of return.
Returns Products must within 30 days after purchase date to be returned to Khawar Telecom. Returns filed after 30 days of purchase date have expired and will not be considered.
Return Products are replaced only if there is a credit note will be made for the amount that should be refunded to the account of the customer. The amount of the credit note can not be deducted from your next order.

If a parcel is returned by you for any reason whatsoever is not received by Khawar Telecom, then Khawar Telecom bears no comforter responsibility for that. However, you are advised to send in your return package by registered mail to Khawar Telecom.
On the return product must indicate clearly the customer exactly what is wrong with a product. This can be done by means of a sticker or a note when you return product (s).
Returns which by default is unclear to enclosed information of who they are and what was not correct, expire after three months / destroyed if these reasons mentioned by earlier remain untreated. 

7.9 Return products are only accepted if there is a valid reason for the reason of return, for example, the product has a defect, broken or does not match the discrpition on the website. Return products that are returned without a valid reason will not be accepted and returned back to the buyer.

7.10 Digital filed return forms will be forfeited after 14 days if the products are not returned on time (within 14 days) will be returned to Khawar Telecom. Should the buyer wish to return the products yet, then you must submit a new digital return form.

* Buyer: the one a particular product (s) orders / buys from a supplier, in this case Khawar Import & Export / www.KhawarTelecom.com.


Article 8 - Retention of title

8.1 The ownership of products is transferred only when all you owe under any agreement to Khawar Telecom has complied. The risk in respect of the products at the time of delivery to you.


Article 9 - Intellectual and industrial property

9.1 You must respect all intellectual and industrial property rights attached to the by Khawar Telecom products delivered unconditionally.
9.2 Khawar Telecom does not warrant that the delivered products do not infringe any (unwritten) intellectual and / or industrial property of third parties.
9.3 Apple, iPod, iPhone, iPad and Mac are trademarks of Apple Inc. and are used for compatibility purposes.
9.4 In all the images (pictures) can be found at www.KhawarTelecom.com copyrighted. Khawar Telecom is the creator and thus the rightful owner of the material.

It is NOT allowed to footage without permission KhawarTelecom.com, for any purpose whatsoever, download, copy or use.

When a violation or breach of the above copyright state Khawar Telecom in its right to use legal means at its disposal to prosecute the violator (s) legally.


Article 10 - Complaints and liability

10.1 You have the obligation to delivery to examine whether the products meet the agreement. If this is not the case, you should Khawar Telecom as soon as possible and in any event within three (3) business days after delivery, or after observation reasonably possible, in writing or by email and sufficient detail. Complaints which by Khawar Telecom received after the expiry of this period need not by Khawar Telecom to be considered.
10.2 If it is demonstrated that the products do not meet the agreement, Telecom Khawar choose the products to be returned and replaced by new products or to refund the invoice value.
10.3 If you represent a product for whatever reason do not wish to purchase, you have the right to return the product within two (2) working days after delivery to Khawar Telecom. Returns are only accepted if the product packaging is unopened and undamaged, also applies that the costs for returns are at your expense.
10.4 Conditions Khawar Telecom can be held liable under any circumstances if there were taken sufficient precautions by Khawar Telecom in order not to cause harm to third parties.

Article 11 - Warranty

11.1 If Khawar Telecom delivers products to the buyer, is Khawar Telecom never be held to a further guarantee in relation to the customer than when Khawar Telecom can make towards its suppliers.
11.2 Khawar Telecom guarantees that the products meet the contract specifications stated in the offer, the reasonable requirements of reliability and / or usability and the existing legal provisions and / or government regulations on the date of the conclusion of the contract .
If agreed, Khawar Telecom also ensures that the product is suitable for other than normal use.
Products to which the guarantee applies only be exchanged.

11.5 All LCD displays and touch units prior to delivery tested and approved by the manufacturer, therefore there is a very limited warranty from Khawar Telecom; LCD / Touch Display and if incorrectly delivered or damaged by the customer, must be reported digitally or in writing within three days at Khawar Telecom. These can be returned only if provided with original packaging and Khawar Telecom sticker.

Manufacturer's Warranty:

Battery 1 year warranty
KW Home Charger 1 year warranty
KW car charger 1 year warranty
Memory Cards 1 year garnatie


Article 12 - Orders / communication

12.1 misunderstanding, delays or transmission of orders and messages resulting from the use of Internet or other communication between you and Khawar Telecom or between Khawar Telecom and others, as it relates to the relationship between you and Khawar Telecom, Khawar Telecom is not liable, except to the extent there might be intentional or gross negligence of Khawar Telecom.

Article 13 - Force Majeure

13.1 Without prejudice to its other rights, Khawar Telecom case of force majeure the right, at its option, the execution of your order to suspend or terminate the agreement without judicial intervention, by informing you of this in writing and without Khawar Telecom is obliged to pay any compensation, unless this would be unacceptable in the circumstances to standards of reasonableness and fairness.
13.2 Force majeure means any shortcoming which can not be attributed to Khawar Telecom, because it is not due to her fault and not under the law, legal act or generally accepted traffic for its account.


Article 14 - Miscellaneous

14.1 If you Khawar Telecom in writing to an address, Khawar Telecom is entitled to that address to send all orders, unless you should be sent in writing to Khawar Telecom of another address to which your orders.
14.2 When Khawar by Telecom or not deviate from these conditions for any period of time, will not prejudice their right to demand immediate and strict compliance with these conditions. You can never assert any right by virtue of the fact that telecom Khawar these conditions smoothly.
14.3 If one or more provisions of these terms or any other agreement with Khawar Telecom in conflict with any applicable provision of the relevant provision will lapse and will be replaced by adopting a by Khawar Telecom legally acceptable similar provision.
4.14 Khawar Telecom is competent in the execution of your order (s) use of third parties.


Article 15 - Applicable law and competent court  

15.1 All rights, obligations, offers, orders and agreements to which these conditions apply, including these conditions, only Dutch law.
15.2 All disputes between parties will be submitted exclusively to the competent court in the Netherlands.